So who exactly is Benny Salz? Maybe you just found out about him or perhaps you’ve been following his career for awhile now. If you ask his supporters how they would best describe him their answer would be simple… Benny Salz is a doer. Whether he is filming a music video, rapping on a record, writing a song for an artist, directing a movie scene or simple offering guidance to a rising star, you can always count on two things from him… hard work & honesty.

It’s been 11 years of pursuing his passion for art and now it’s become Benny’s full time career to help others share their gift with the world. Not only is he an artist but he has a degree in business and music production which he fostered from his time at Creighton University and Pyramid Training. If you have a creative idea, concept or vision Benny is the individual to help make your dream a reality. Not only does he have the equipment to pull this off, but he also has the expertise and team to produce any creative project.

For more information, please send Benny an email at